Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

(Proven results based on actual testing and upgrades pre-retrofit and post-retrofit)

  • Improved air quality and a healthier home
  • Lower utility bills
  • Noise reduction
  • Prevent wasted energy and needless spending
  • A prudent investment and increased home value
  • A positive impact on the environment
  • A customized HVAC system that delivers even temperatures to each room in a home

Your utility bill may be shocking, but it offers few helpful details: it doesn’t tell you when your energy use peaks, doesn’t explain how best to reduce power consumption, and doesn’t tell you how your home is spending your money.  An energy audit uses data collected directly from your home and transferred into a helpful customized report, complete with a breakdown of recommendations.  From low-flush toilets to heat recovery ventilators the focus is saving you money.

We think it’s worth finding out. A home energy audit is one of the first steps to understanding your home’s energy usage, as well as its overall health and performance. Using a combination of pressurization tests and common sense building science, a good auditor provides homeowners with a list of energy and money saving steps, explains how and why your house is costing you money, then prioritizes the steps to take to knock down those costs over the long haul.