The A Probe

  • The A-PROBE is a tool for checking the topsoil depth and local fill material placed on inspection site. Forcing pressure of the A-PROBE in the soil will change with each layer of material sensitive to the inspector. Back fill over trenches and around foundations in loose and easier to penetrate.
  • Probing around yards with the A-PROBE will give a profile of underground conditions.
  • The yard drainage can be traced from downspouts or culverts with repeated testing with the A-PROBE.
  • The A-PROBE wire rod will bend with resistance and stop at compacted material or objects.
  • The use of the A-PROBE around foundations outside and inside will locate water accumulation, water will show on stainless steel like a dip stick. The wet or damp condition will eventually come inside.
  • Probing around footings with the A-PROBE can locate weeping tile, insulation, insects, moisture, rotting, valves, conduits footings, tanks, leaching fields, valves, tree roots, and more.
  • Hollow sections under concrete walks, driveways and slabs can be found be tapping the A-PROBE on bare surfaces and hearing the noticeable change in resonance and vibration.
  • Fence posts and deck post depths can be determined with the A-PROBE; also the type of footing.
  • The A-PROBE can be inserted between deck boards to detect water accumulation and rotting under decks and porches.
  • The penetration of the A-PROBE around perimeter walls may indicate low insulation and the thawing of the soil around the perimeter. The frost line can be found in colder climates.
  • The A-PROBE is calibrated in six inch increments for depth calculations to four feet.
  • The A-PROBE can be used as a pointer to note areas of concern and direction around the site. The rod can be used to calculate the height of a building or tower using the triangulation method.
  • The A-PROBE can be used to extend reach on walls, roof at eaves, attics and crawl spaces. Examples are to open vent caps painted shut, remove lint of ice build up and to secure bottom of ladders.
  • The tool is easily stored in ladder rungs and can be strapped to the side of a step ladder.
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Warning! The bullet nose should not be sharpened!
Lifetime warranty on one piece stainless steel and plastic handle